[Tutorial] Resolving Jackson Databind security vulnerability, VULNDB-275302
The following tutorial will help you resolve the Jackson Databind security vulnerability in Spring Boot apps that use Maven. The vulnerability ID is VULNDB-275302 in Sysdig.
[Tutorial] Resolving Log4j security vulnerability in a Spring Boot app with Maven
The following post will help you resolve the Log4j security vulnerabilities for CVEs: CVE-2021-45046 and CVE-2021-44228. This is a CRITICAL security vulnerability that should be fixed as soon as you're able to. This is specific for Spring Boot and Maven only!
[Personal] Reflecting a little bit on the COVID-19 pandemic!
It's been over a year now since the COVID-19 pandemic started and has grounded most of IT to remote work particularly software engineers/developers. Here's a brief reflection by me!
[Personal] Witch-hunts are bad for morale and creates a toxic work culture!
As a software developer throughout the years, I've been in different size teams with different team dynamics. One thing that I've noticed are the witch-hunts where people are looking to point fingers. I personally think witch-hunts are a bad thing, not just for a dev team, but also for work cultures.
[Tutorial] Change Java versions easily in Apple macOS!
Here's a straight forward, step-by-step way to add a way to change Java versions on your Mac using .bash_profile! This can be applied to other operating systems too.
[Issues/Troubleshooting] - Possible solution for "frequent crashes, no errors" for PC players on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!
Updated 05/13/2020! Since the latest patch, I've been trying to get Modern Warfare working on a newly built computer. I tried every single troubleshooting tip I could find on this subreddit and other forums. Couldn't figure out why because there were no errors. I looked at the logs, nothing. I looked at the event viewer, nothing there either. Look inside for a possible solution that may help!